No One Is watching you

IndieTales Game Jam 2021


One Room

You work from home to soon find out that something is not right and you start to feel observed in your own Room.

The Objective of the game: 

Try to get through the your work day

....or maybe try not to die or go insane.

You can Explore your Room and get to work!

There are two different Endings.


  • Use your Mouse to interact with objects

About Us:

We are a Team of two and this is our first Game!

Made by Al-Hakam Hamdan ( and Teresa Kaßner (


  • Play in Browser
  • Or download, unzip the file and start the No one is watching.exe.

Disclaimer: The Game is has been optimized towards the Desktop version. Some objects may not be displayed correctly in the WebGL version. But nonetheless the  game is fully functional in browser mode.

Known Issues:

  • Unfortunately, a bug has crept in our game that leads to a game freeze. To avoid this, you need to close the dialog box before the character finishes looking out of the window during night.


Thank you very much for your time. We would appreciate it so much if you gave us Feedback and a Rating to improve our work in the future

Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Horror, Point & Click, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds


Download 49 MB


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this freaked me out i think i got ending one??? i didnt know what else to do so i just chose to go to bed-

r we allowed to make a YT video on this??

my channel is pretty small at the moment and  thought that this game was pretty cool.

sorry for answering so late. yeah, you can make videos on the game :)

did both endings and liked a lot.

of course as a good digger that i am i created some theories for what this may be, paranoia-like or real life security problems. either way i loved the game and i had a good time on it as i am a huge fan of the "weirdcore" style, specially with this eye thingy, super eerie. 10/10

Hello, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?

yeah, you can :) it would be nice if you could tell me when and where you stream, maybe I can come and watch as well ^^ also: beware of the bugs o.o


But at the moment I don't can say you when I stream this game.

But I can say you that I'm streaming in europe on twitch:)

I think the people who call me ballsack are watching me... 

Bruh my soul...

one of the best atmospheres in a horror game

thank you so much! 

The game was a little broken on the movement controls. I think I broke the game on my first playthrough. I liked the atmosphere building but the conclusion was unsatisfying.

The game looekd and sounded great! Really did like the way it looked and the sounds at the start were great and this would definitely be interesting if this concept/ universe were expanded upon. That being said I felt like there was no explanation or reason to the story at all and my best interpretation was that the character the player plays as is undergoing psychosis (Like in the Creepypasta). Still though, was enjoyable and fun to experience!


Thank you for playing the game! And thank you for putting it on Youtube! We kept everything very vague on purpose for this jam version and focused more on the feeling of something intruding your personal space in different ways. And the question whether what the player experiences is real or who is behind all of this stays unanswered ;) so your own interpretation is very welcome :D also, I liked your commentary and editing style :)

A short but simple game that really plays into my fears of being watched and someone being in the house, yeesh. Anyways, great game, would love to see a larger development on it into a longer more fleshed out game. Either way, good job

Thank you for playing and for even making a video on it ^^ We really wanted to bring those feelings across. Thank you for commenting :) And we want to fix the bugs once the jam is over and also want to expand the game to a full version 

are there different endings?

There are two endings which are slightly different :) 

yup, i figured it out already :P

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, it was very short but the concept was really creepy and nicely put together in the game, good work :)


Thank you for playing and for putting it on Youtube! I'm glad you enjoyed the atmosphere!

What graphic style is this? Very cool

thanks for playing :) We took photos and then edited them to be usable for the game art

It was absolutely horrifying, I enjoyed it.


Thank you so much for playing and for commenting :)


Absolutely chilling.


Thank you so much for playing and commenting ^^

Of course! :D