Emotion Vessels

Ludum Dare 49

Emotion Vessels | ldjam.com | Ludum Dare game jam

Theme: Unstable

Emotions get stored in special Vessels inside of our Inner World everytime we experience something. Try to manage the positive and negative feelings in form of these emotion vessels while you have to balance your mind.


It is your objective to keep the platform free from any negative emotion vessels (blue box) and keep as many positive emotion vessels (yellow box) on the platform as possible. If you keep too much blue boxes or drop too much yellow boxes the emotion meter will shift into a negative position.

If your emotions are too negative or you fall off the platform, you will lose the round.

Try to balance the emotions as long as possible.


AD/Arrow keys to Move

E / Left Shift to interact

Space to jump/ confirm/ skip


Thank you very much for your time. We would appreciate it so much if you gave us Feedback and a Rating to improve our work in the future

About Us:

Gaming Lunya

We are a Team of two and this is our second Game!

Made by Al-Hakam Hamdan ( https://todomeda.itch.io/) and Teresa Kaßner (https://terri97.itch.io/)

You can find us on: (20) GamingLunya (@LunyaGaming) / Twitter


EmotionVesselsDesktop.zip 41 MB

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